Folio Albums

I have researched the many albums available on the market and struggled to find what I wanted. In line with my photography style I wanted something that is natural, simple and has outstanding quality. Finally my search was over when I discovered Folio Albums. Founded by Stewart Randall, each album is hand bound and encased in fine, natural leather, they open out flat with an almost invisible crease, so each image is on full view.


Try something

Rules can be broken. It’s also feels good to sometimes break free of the humdrum day to day activities we do. is something different.  It will show your personality, your own little story and it is fun. Having your dna on your wall is so different than having a traditional piece of artwork. It is adventurous, even daring, it will be a talking point, it cannot be missed.

The day to break free and be unique is now.


Have you ever thought, in one of those spare moments, what and who we are?  I know it’s a bit of a deep question but everyone is different because of our Deoxyribonucleic acid,dna. Unlike our visible characteristics, eye and hair colour, fingerprints we can not see our dna, until now that is.

I have created your-dna-art which will bring to light your very own dna. In just a few very simple steps you can have your dna turned into a piece of unique artwork. I use high definition printers to produce the images onto heavyweight Canvas, Acrylic and Aluminium.

You can guarantee that no one else, anywhere on the planet, will have the same, it is unique!


Richard Dawson Photography is different.  I am a Lifestyle photographer which means that there are no set rules to how an image can be shot. You have a major input to your photo shoots, why shouldn’t you after all. I like to get to know you first over a cup of tea. I don’t have a studio, with artificial lighting. I use the setting where you are most relaxed like your home or a favourite location.

Most people, when asked, hate having their photographs taken, put them in front of a studio light and making them the centre of attention makes people uncomfortable and nervous. I use natural lighting and outdoor locations and let a photo shot develop naturally.

It is essential to me that I give you something special and unique.

For this shoot I used the couples court yard and  by using the soft diffused lighting I was able to create a lovely relaxed image.