I am not that daft..

You must be joking.. I will just wait here thank you.


Some of my favourite images..

Montgomery Show

I had a great day at the Montgomery Show covering the equestrian events. The organisers were great and put on a fantastic day for everyone. There were a few tumbles, but the kids just pick themselves up and carry on. Have a look at some of the images http://www.flickr.com/photos/richarddawsonphotography/sets/.


Something new something blue…

For as long as I can remember I have always taken photographs. From my first Yashica I have always found peace and  tranquility in being in the outdoors shooting whats in front of me. I have just launched a new set of images from South Devon, mostly around Dartmouth. I absolutely love this area, there is so much beauty and the pace of life is slow…  As with most things I do I wanted to create something which is different from the norm, so I set about producing these high contrast, vibrant images which will be limited to a run of 100

Perfect day…


The weather might have been grim, but the couple and venue were fantastic. The simplicity of black and white images, just timeless..I love using shallow depth of fields, even distracting background can be made beautiful and emphasises the subject so much.