Woodstock Cricket

John Newsome of Woodstock Cricket.

Today I spent time with an absolutely fabulous craftsman, John Newsome. Two of my passions are Photography and Cricket so this was an assignment which was a pleasure to do. Every aspect of the bat making process is done by hand and is a bespoke service. John’s bats are used by professional cricketers all over the world. This year has started very well for Woodstock with the Tour de Force bat being voted the Cricketer magazine “Best Bat” of the year.

John moved to Shropshire last year and has settled in a lovely part of Shropshire. His workshop is a lovely old barn with a “olde worlde” ambiance. Every tool, some which have been made specially for the job, are an integral part of the bat making process. Everything is done by eye so each bat is unique and fits the player perfectly.

Good luck!

Attingham Park in Snow

Bolle to b-hot or not to be!

Thanks to Bollé your ears and head will never get cold on the slopes again. Bollé have developed the world’s first B-Hot heated helmet which incorporates an exclusively designed Therm-ic heating system integrated into the ear pads making it invisible. Three different heat levels can be individually set, fuelled by powerful lithium for up to 6 hours of comfort. Thanks to two front ventings and eight holes, the hot and humid air from the head is constantly drawn away to prevent overheating. An adjustable vent allows you to customise the level of airflow through the helmet.
The helmet itself is a hybrid shell structure with ABS shell on the top for impact and penetration protection and an inmold design on the lower portion for weight reduction and style .
Featuring an adjustable click-to-fit system, the helmet can be adjusted for the perfect fit.