PEEL Bloodstock

In 2011 Will Kinsey took out a license to train and made an instant impact when his first two runners won at Sedgefield. Not a bad way to start your training career. I met Will at his yard, Peel Hall, set in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.  Will has taken a new and exciting route in terms of how he trains his horses. Using scientific methods he has already had success. The use of Polar heart rate monitors is rare in horse racing, but Will together with George Wilson, a former jockey and sports physiologist at John Moores University, decided that there were many benefits to this way of training.  All the data collected from the Polar monitors are downloaded and assessed. “We can gauge how fit a horse is” says Will “also it takes the guess work out of the equation”. Nearly all professional sports have been using this type of science for decades. Another aspect of the science is Lactate testing. A lactate test measures the amount of lactate accumulating in their blood as intensity levels increase and this information allows Will and George to determine the precise exercise intensity needed to achieve a desired training effect….


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