If you ever want to know what I look like.. this is it!…….


One comment on “your-dna-art

  1. Samantha says:

    That is pretty cool Richard! Did you get any other information with your artwork out of interest? I have just set up my own DNA Art company called PlayDNA, and as a scientist, I was keen to provide some kind of interpretation of your DNA Art too. We look at five different traits in each artwork, such as whether you have the gene for speed, or are more likely to be an early bird or night owl, and tell you which version you have. It comes with a certificate of your analysis and a booklet explaining all. We’re relatively new to the market so i’m keen to hear from those interested in DNA Art, what you like about it and whether there is anything else you’d like to see. Would love to know what motivated you to get yours done.

    All the best, Sam

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