It’s behind you!

Winter is a great time to get out and take photographs. The light at this time of the year is lovely and soft. With the days now getting longer, there is plenty of time to go for a walk and take photo’s.

Take lots and lots of photos. It does matter what type of digital camera you have, compact, dslr, phone camera, they all work in the same way. Press the shutter and whatever is it pointing at, will be recorded.  The more you do it, the better you will become. With the advancement of digital cameras the quality of your photographs will be as good as some high end film cameras of a few years ago.

Don’t get to caught up with capturing a certain image or trying to copy something you have seen. Sometimes people will re-take an image hundreds of times to achieve their “perfect shot”. Everything in this world can be improved upon, so if see something you like, think how can I make this even better.

There are rules aplenty in photography, but breaking them is fun. One rule which you have to break is midday photography, “never take a picture at midday because the sun is too harsh and  will flatten your image”. Midday is a great time to get your camera out. You can achieve graphic and punchy shots with strong shadows. Even lens flare can make a average picture a good one. If you are lucky enough to have a clear crisp winter’s day, the strong blue midday sky can look magnificent.

The sun is your natural light source so use it instead of relying on artificial flash. The thing with flash is that it isn’t natural so when you look at a photo with flash it looks different. An easy way to see how light works is to hold your hand up in front of you and see how the light “falls” on it.  A simple piece of white card or paper can be used to “bounce” light back into your subject and help to lighten the shadow detail.

Moreton Corbet

Finally, Look behind you. Sometime’s the best shot are right there, before your eyes, all you need to do is stop and turn around.